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Are you ready for stronger, more stable and streamlined core? Better posture? Better breathing? Better digestion? And even better circulation?? This guide will outline how (and why!) it?s so important to strengthen your core from the inside out.? A strong midsection doesn?t require countless crunches ? in fact, as you?ll see, doing a ton of sit-ups might be exactly the wrong thing to do.That?s because all the muscles that make up your core can get out of balance because of your lifestyle, posture, or even from having a baby!If that?s the case, when you do crunches, it might be other muscles (not your abs!) that are doing most of the work. As you can imagine, that leads to frustration, wasted time, and even low back, neck, or hip pain.? ?Let me show you exactly how to work your deep core muscles effectively, so you can avoid this.?

Check out my list of handpicked exercises you can do at home to get started on sculpting your core and restoring the balance in your body!

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