Members policy handbook

 WELCOME to Angel’s Bootcamp and Essential Health


We are thrilled that you have chosen to be a member of our fitness family and we are honored to be a part of your journey towards good health!

As with any family, there are guidelines and rules that will maximize the positive experience for everyone and we’ve listed them in the document below.  We’ve tried to make it easy to read by creating various sections of interest.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these items don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at all.

Thank you!  We can’t wait to see you in the gym!

– Angel and Brian

Fitness attire, Perfumes and Body Lotions

We want you to feel strong and confident while you are working out so we suggest you wear what makes you feel comfortable but yet tasteful to everyone else as well.  There are classes that we hold where shoes are optional, Pound, Barre & Yoga.  Boot camp requires tennis shoes because of the equipment that we use.  During winter, spring and rainy days, please bring a clean, dry pair of shoes to wear for your workouts.  The Trainer of the day may deny access to the gym if you do not have clean, dry shoes to work out in.  No mud, dry mud or dirt are allowed on shoes in the gym.

We strive to be a health conscious facility using mostly all natural supplements. Please be conscious of perfume or body lotions that have powerful scents because this can be very disruptive and harmful to those with allergies.

Personal Items, gym Cleanliness, Lost & Found

We recommend that you bring a water bottle and sweat towel with you to every workout. If you forget water we do have some for purchase for $1 and a recycle bin for the bottle when you are finished.  There are cubbies for your personal items & keys along the front wall.

Having a clean facility for you is a high priority for us.  If you ever notice something that is overlooked and should be taken care of immediately, please inform the trainer/instructor of the day and we’ll be sure to get it taken care of in a timely manner.  As a courtesy to your fellow members, we ask that you return all equipment to its original location when you walked in, toss all garbage in the waste basket provided and wipe up any spilled water on floors if necessary.

We have a bin of lost & found items that you can find your belongings in if by chance you forgot to take it with you.


We require a 30-day written notice to cancel your membership.  If you are within 30 days of your normal membership payment, you will be billed on your normally scheduled date and may continue to attend workouts until your membership expires.

Memberships cannot be put on hold, however, we can take out a normally scheduled payment for an injury or maternity leave for up to 2 months.  A $25 fee will be charged for any type of payment removal.  If you will be out for longer than 2 months, it will require a cancellation of your membership and any return to the gym will require a new membership at the current membership price.

If we are asked to refund a payment you are subject to a $25 fee.

booking your workouts and checking in

If you are on our month to month membership you are able to book your workouts through your currently paid month.  For example, if you are billed on the 5th of every month, you are able to book your workouts for that month and to the 4th of the next month.  Then it repeats again each month in that manner.  You can receive unlimited booking during the year without restrictions, by purchasing an annual membership.

We ask that you pre-book your workouts so that the trainer can have your equipment and the room set up for the workout to begin on time. Upon arrival at gym please check yourself into your workout via the ipad on the wall located just left of the main boot camp floor.

late arrivals, Cancellations and No-shows

We understand that sickness, kids and sometimes work can get in the way of your workout regime.   We want to help you with your accountability and fitness goals and ask that you respect the other members in their goals by adhering to the following guidelines:

Arriving late is not only disruptive to your own workout but all of those in the workout as well.  You can jump into the workout using some light resistive exercises to avoid injury until you are warm enough to join in with the group.  The trainer is there to help you get through the workout safely and not to do a complete run down of what is happening because you missed the introduction & demo.  Please be on-time to your workout and consider placing a $2 late arrival fee to our drop box in the gym if you arrive late.  This money will be collected for member parties and other prizes that are granted through out the year.

A cancellation policy to all Barre workout has been set in the mind body system. You must cancel 8 hours prior to the workout start time or a $15 charge will be added to your member account.  Barre classes often have a waiting list and those folks wanting to participate do not have a fair chance to get into the workout if cancellations happen just before class starts.  Please be respectful of your fellow members by cancelling early if you can’t attend a Barre workout.

No-shows to ANY workout will be charged $15 on their account when not checked in by the end of the class time scheduled.  Please be respectful to your fellow members by cancelling your reservation if you are not able to attend.  No-shows cause the trainer to adjust the workout arrangement and the equipment needed on the fly and that impacts the trainer and all of the members in attendance.

inclement weather policy

We like to avoid canceling workouts as much as we can but here are a few guidelines we follow to make it easy for everyone to stay in communication.  We will follow the Hillsboro School District weather policy and will communicate any workout cancellations via the MINDBODY site. (NOT FACEBOOK) Be sure that your contact information is up to date and that your notifications are turned on in the MINDBODY Connect App so when we do need to cancel the workout you will get the notification.  If you feel weather may be an issue, please check for a text or email before leaving your house.  If HSD cancels school, we may still have workouts and will communicate the status via this method as early in the morning as possible.

  • Be sure that you are booked for your workouts! Notifications will be sent from the Mind Body System to let you know if workouts are cancelled.  If you are NOT booked for your workout in Mind Body you will not be informed.  If you ARE booked, you will get a notification that your workout has been cancelled.


Although we do not provide childcare during the workouts, we do have an area that well mannered children can entertain themselves during your workout.  If it is during a yoga class please supply your child with head phones to keep the noise down while people are trying to relax & restore their bodies.

guests and visitors

We love having your guests to join you in your workouts.  Please be sure to have them set up a profile in Mind Body and purchase the 4 free workouts.  This is a one-time free use (4 workouts used within 14 days) and if you would like to bring them back at a later date we have drop in rates for their return visits that can be purchased in the mind body app/website.  Also please ensure your guest arrives early to fill out the necessary waiver before the workout and help them get settled.

Parking, health and safety

We are fortunate to share a large parking lot with the other businesses in our business park and want to be respectful of their space.  We ask that you please park your car on the street side of the parking lot during normal business hours (8:15 AM boot camp mainly) so that their clients have easy access to their front doors. — Thank you for understanding.

If you have the flu, a cold or any other contagious illness please refrain from sharing your germs at the gym.  We take precautions of cleaning the equipment after every class to help cut down the sharing of germs.  We appreciate your help with keeping our gym as germ free as possible.


Have Questions?

Call Brian @ 503-260-1592 or Call Angel at 503-260-1349

You may also email us directly at or