THE 21-day

May 1st ? 21st

The three big O?s




Did you know that you would be looking for a new behavior?

Deciding it?s time to make a change and deciding you?are?going to make that change, are both sometimes a lot easier than actually following through on that new behavior ? especially when life gets hectic or throws you a curve ball (which is guaranteed to happen).

I?m Angel Martin and the owner of Angel?s Boot Camp & Essential Health Gym.? I?m a business owner, a trainer, a fitness instructor, a heath coach, a wife, a mom and a friend.? Those big O?s take over sometimes in my life too!? This is why I have put together this program to help others decide that NOW is the time to make that behavioral change before it?s too late.

The 21-day Metabolic Reboot

It is a 3-week program that puts your body back into a state of well-being, focus and confidence!

Our way of eating plays a huge role in how we receive results in our workouts, how we feel about our body, how our energy is during the day, how we sleep?. to name only a few benefits of cleaning out our system!

This program may help you?

  • Discover how you can feel when you eat clean for 21 days
  • Discover the Daily energy you may have by nurturing your body with whole natural foods.
  • Discover how lean, strong and sculpted you can feel with continuous workouts (if you choose to join us at the gym for these 21 days)
  • Discover how Detox Organics can assist in this program?
Why use Detox Organics powder while detoxing with whole natural foods?

Detox Organics is a plant-based supplement that Alkalizes, Detoxifies and Energizes all-in-one!? It supports digestion and is a super immune booster that also works to support your overall health.? Detox Organics works to remove harmful toxins, while boosting energy and reducing inflammation.? It promotes fat loss, eliminates bloat, and eases digestion.? You will use this powder in the morning each day to help stabilize your pH in your body, curb your appetite, and flush out your digestive track and it tastes great!

This is what a typical day on this 21-day Metabolic Reboot will look like:


  • Morning routine of lemon water and detox powder
  • Breakfast: Calcium Booster smoothie
  • Lunch: Veggie & Hummus Wrap or make into salad
  • Snack: Tea or Coffee w/boiled egg and veggies of choice
  • Dinner: World?s Best Turkey Chili?(leftovers are used for lunch the next day)

Here?s what you get:

  • 21-day Metabolic Reboot Guide
  • 21-day Metabolic Reboot Meal Calendar
  • 21-day Metabolic Reboot Recipe Book
  • VIP Private Group for daily & additional support
  • 1 ? Detox Organics Powder? (30 servings)

21-day Metabolic Reboot - ?Out of Towner?s?

Receive 21-day Metabolic Reboot Guide, Meal Calendar & Recipe Book, VIP Private Group status, will need to order Detox Organics at a 15% off discount from this link.

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21-day Metabolic Reboot Member

Receive all materials listed above & pick up Detox Organics at the gym.

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21-day Metabolic Reboot Local Non-MembeR

Receive all materials listed above & are able to pick up your Detox Organics at the gym prior to May 1st.

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21-day Metabolic Reboot PLUS Non-Member

Workouts at Angel’s Boot Camp & Essential Health Gym: Receive all materials listed above & pick up Detox Organics at the gym, also includes 21-days of unlimited workouts of Boot Camp, Pound, Barre & Yin Yoga

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Hold UP!

How would you like to Claim your Spot inside this 21-day Metabolic Reboot for FREE????

Refer 3 friends that sign up for our 21-Day Metabolic Reboot and I?ll hook you up with a FULL refund!

That means you can detox, energize and transform your body ABSOLUTELY FREE!? Just let your friends know that they need to refer you as their contact and we?ll take care of the rest


How can we get a hold of you if we have a question?
We have a private FB page set up for this group, so all questions can be answered there. ?Please become friends with me and I can add you to our group! ?Here is my page: ?
Remember there are no stupid questions and more than likely someone else may have the same one as you. ?You can also reach me at 503-807-6112 or email at
How will the information come to me everyday?
The spoon-fed information will come by email every day for all 30 days, you can also expect a couple emails from me a few days before hand to help you get set up and ready to go!
What if I want to join the workouts alongside with the information given daily?
Of course! ?As being part of this unique group we would enjoy having you in our daily workouts as well to further your fitness and health goals. ?You can join us for those 30 days at our special rate of $79 for unlimited boot camp only or $99 for all workouts (bootcamp, pound and yoga) unlimited.
What is your session schedule?
M/T/Th/F ? Boot camp (30m)
5:15 AM
6:00 AM
6:45 AM
8:15 AM
6:15 PM (no Friday)

5:15 AM Pound (45m)
9:00 AM Yin Yoga (60m)
M/W ? Pound
5:15 PM

8:00 AM Boot camp (45m) (1st and 3rd Saturday of the month)
9:00 AM Pound (Every Saturday, except 3rd Saturday is switched to Yoga that 1 week)
T/Th ? Yin Yoga
7:00 PM

If I?m out of shape can I join the workouts sessions that are ongoing already?
Absolutely! We have customization for every exercise and we can scale the workouts to fit your fitness level and options needed on a day to day basis.

Welcome aboard! Here?s what comes next?.


  1. Please check your inbox for a receipt of your purchase & welcome email.
  2. Book your workouts as far out as you can so you are guaranteed a spot and to let our trainers when they can expect to see you.

Program is?May 1st ? 21st