This is where it all started -- Angel's Boot Camp is known for the constant variety in exercise - no workout is ever the same!  Hit your fitness goals working out with friends.  Fitness is for EVERY BODY and we hope everybody can enjoy Angel's Boot Camp!


The latest craze in fitness is available here!  POUND is the new way to find your inner Rockstar!   Using the POUND sticks, you'll find a rhythm you never knew you had and work your body in a way you never knew you could! -- And NEON POUND night is a workout that you don't want to miss!


Join your fellow Boot Campers as we get FIT and play together outside of the gym.  We were in Mexico and Hawaii in 2016 and have trips planned to SUNRIVER, ARIZONA and HAWAII in 2017/18.  See the Fitness Retreats page for more details.