Our Approach

At Angel's Boot Camp you can guarantee that you will get a great workout no matter your fitness level.  All exercises have options for more advanced participants as well as different options for those just getting started AND all those in the middle.  Each workout is different, fresh and effective every time you show up.  There are 15+ different workouts a week scheduled at various times so that you can be sure to get your exercise in every day. Overuse injuries are a thing of the past.  Angel's workouts include creative detail and knowledge that will hit every muscle during the week while keeping joints moving and healthy (injury free). If your approach to fitness is to not have to think about what you need to do and  you like to be motivated by others around you, this is the best solution for you. The trainers take care of the workout formula for you while the community of Boot Campers sweat along side each other until the beeper tells them it’s over.

Our Story

Established in 2004, Angel's Boot Camp & Essential Health has been creating results for bodies of all types and abilities.  The idea of combining group exercise and 1:1 personal training changed the business model of fitness in the early 2000's and Angel continues to be an influential leader in the industry.   Her national reputation for creating safe and results oriented workouts coupled with an incredible passion for people make Angel's Boot Camps a destination for people looking to improve their overall health and fitness.

Meet the Team

12, 03, 2016 Professional Headshots

Angel Martin

Founder & Trainer

Angel has been a leader in the Portland area fitness industry for over twenty years. She has been a personal trainer, group exercise coach, national certification instructor, exercise video program designer and fitness gym owner.  Her reputation for exercise variety, precise form and pushing her clients towards their goals with just the right mix of loving support has created a fitness family that can only be found with Angel's Boot Camp.  Her personal story of battling an MS diagnosis with exercise and diet has inspired her members to use a healthy lifestyle in tackling their own life challenges and exemplifies what hard work and dedication can achieve.  Outside of work, Angel loves spending time with her husband, two kids and three dogs.



Stephanie Sledd


Stephanie joined Angel's Boot Camp as a trainer in 2014.  She loves coaching people to reach their goals and wants them to know that if they try, they can accomplish things that they didn't think was possible.   Stephanie has her own inspiring story that started as a member of Angel's Boot Camp wanting to achieve a more energetic and healthy lifestyle.  Her love of fitness was born and it led to a new career in helping others do the same.  When she is not coaching workouts, Stephanie spends her time with her husband, three boys and her many animals.  She also happens to work full-time at OHSU as a Coding Specialist in Radiation Medicine.